“I can do what you cannot, you can do what I cannot;

Together we can do great things."

Mother Teresa

Our missionaries

Iryna Antonets
Director of Mission
Pastor of New Life Church
Rostislav Antonets
Director of Mission
Tatiana Barbinova
Home group leader
Bible teacher
Elvira Zhombina
Pastor of Youth Ministry
Tanya Volokh

Nadya Jozhikova

Head of the Preteens Center
Family project leader "Dinner Party"
Vlada Sidorchuk

Project Manager "Child Sponsorship"

Oleg Sidorchuk


Pastor of Children's Church

Leader of Preteens Ministry

Anastasia Chernysheva
Head of the Art Center
Pasha Chernyshev
Head of the Art Center

Tatiana Shevchenko

Deputy director of the orphanage
"Daddy's Home"
Women's Ministry Leader
Natasha Naukva Evtushik
Director of the orphanage "Daddy's Home"
Leader of Preteens Ministry
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