About us

Mission Assistance was founded in Kenya,

Kisumu in 2012 by Rostislav and Irina Antonets.

They are the current mission’s directors.

«“There is nothing more important than being in God's Plan. Follow the Lord and do what He says. Be part of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. It's worth living and dying for.»

I. Antonets

How it started
Christ divided our lives into BEFORE and AFTER
I got saved in January 1993, at a time when communism was collapsing and missionaries from all over the world were rushing to post-Soviet countries to bring them the gospel.
My husband and I were the result of their missionary efforts. Christ divided our lives into BEFORE and AFTER. We grew up
spiritually and received the equipment for the work to which He called us in Sumy, Ukraine, in the “Ark” Christian Church.
I believe that God sends people into our lives and in turn sends us into the lives of others.
God's revelation
After experiencing some crisis in ministry, we were seeking the Lord and His further instructions. To make a long story short, I will say that in 2011 we realized that God’s Pillar of Cloud was moving towards Kenya and began to prepare for moving. So, led by God's revelation and having received the blessing of the church, we gathered a small team and set off to the African continent.
10 years of ministries
Today, 10 years later, we can see how out of small steps of obedience to God's Calling we have come to a serious ministry that affects thousands of people. There is nothing impossible for God in the lives of those who say "YES" to Him.
What is more, the greatest gift God has given us in the mission field is our team. I always say that Assistance Mission is not about our family, it's about our team.
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