Missionary trip

We invite you to visit our mission base in Kisumu, Kenya.
A missionary trip is a good opportunity:

Only in the mission field will you be able to understand what mission really is!

It is a real SCHOOL OF LIFE! Be sure that this trip will change you forever, and, perhaps, will divide your life into Before and After!

TOP 10 reasons
Why you should go on a mission trip
You will fulfil the Great Commission
The Great Commission is not suggestion. Jesus' Kingdom cannot be built without brave, radical obedience Matt. 28:19 "Go..." Someone has to GO. There is no other way. To share the gospel with the world, we must be ready to pack our bags one day and leave our cozy homes.
You will get to know God's heart better
Our God is great and He cares about ALL nations. He has loved the whole world! Our God is Global! His main goal is to gather a family, which consists of " rom every tribe and language and people and nation."
Revelation 7:9 After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.
When you set your foot on the road of mission in another country, you will understand the depth of God's compassion for other cultures and you will begin to understand God as the Lord of the Harvest."

You will expand the boundaries of your heart
When Jesus SAW the crowds, He had compassion on them. The precondition for compassion was VISION. It's hard to love abstract concepts. We need people. Their faces and stories move us to action. Jesus Challenges Us: LOOK AT THE FIELD
John 4:35 Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. A short mission trip expands the boundaries of our hearts, showing us real people with real problems and engaging us in sacrificial service.

Recognize your spiritual gifts
As someone said, "You'll never know what you're made of until you sow yourself into service." Mission trips provide an opportunity to try out a wide range of ministries. These opportunities turn into small experiments in which we can try and fail many times and succeed by discovering our unique gifts and strengths.
Recognize your calling
It is very surprising, but many people receive a calling for the rest of their lives during missionary trips.
A tea bag releases its potential only when it is in boiling water. Likewise, we can only discover what was hidden inside of us by stepping out of our comfort zone. The "boiling water" for us is a missionary trip. The mission in general, or some aspects of the mission, capture the hearts. People return home with a new direction and purpose.

You will expand your limited knowledge and perspectives
Too many of us are stuck in a spiritual routine. Even pastors can get bored with the same ministry
in the same congregation. In order to get moving and get out of our little "boxes", we need new experiences and fresh revelations. Get out of your comfort zone and let God stretch you.
Experience the way other Christians praise God with passion. Find out how they raise churches and evangelize. How they serve local people. Realize that the way we minister at home is not the only right way. And expect to learn from the people you are going to serve.

You will get a chance to die to yourself
Once a Christian girl wrote a letter to a famous Irish missionary Amy Carmichael, asking her, “What does it mean to be a missionary?”
Amy replied shortly, “To put it simply, to be a missionary is like to get a chance to die.”
On the mission field you will have many opportunities to die to yourself, die to your fears, die to a comfortable life, "die" in order to bring life to others!!!

You will experience the joy of new relationships and joint service in a team
A big bonus of a missionary trip is new relationships, new friends! In addition to busy days of service, you will experience many warm emotional moments with the team! A lot of laughter, humor and many guitar campfire songs! You will also be lucky enough to meet missionaries, and, who knows, maybe your short trip will turn into a long-term friendship and partnership in the Field of God!

This trip will divide your life into Before and After
Often people ask: does it make sense to visit you just for two or three weeks? And we always answer: “You may not save Africa in two weeks, but Africa will definitely “save” you!
This is one of the most important points in my TOP 10.
We think we will save others, and then we find ourselves saving ourselves.
That God is dealing with us. Dealing with our hearts. Our values. Our motives.
Eventually, we understand that we were the ones who needed this trip.
Visiting a poor country like Kenya will crush your heart and shake your value system, I promise.
There is nothing like spending time with a family from African slum who live in a house made of mud and thatch, without water or electricity!
It will help you to look at your problems from a different perspective. And you will see how many reasons you have to be thankful to God.

You will get an unforgettable experience

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