Opening of the new church in Kapothe.

On October 9, we had a solemn and long-awaited opening of a new church! We have come a long way, from receiving a vision from God, praying, buying land, financial difficulties, flooding and deciding to build a road, without which the construction of the church would be impossible. Doing electrical work, water, cultivating a team of ministers. And it's DONE!!! THE WORD BECOMES FLESH!
On this day we celebrated together with our main church from Dunga. How well-dressed and joyous our visitors were! There were over 500 people at the opening! Guests, Pastors, Bishops, Administration of our area, and friends of the mission. We heard a lot of kind words and instructions, our Bishop Irina Antonets shared the path that was taken so that the church would finally open. Reminded the church of our vision and inspired people to become part of the church.
We gave a lot of praise to our Lord! He is the cause and inspirer of this church. May God be glorified in this area and may His will be done in people's lives!

It has been 2 months since the opening and we see that God is giving our new church growth. Over 100 new people joined the church, not counting the 50 people who were part of the Dunga church. Along with the new church, the Children's Church, Pre-teens Ministry, Teens Ministry, and Youth Ministry were opened.

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