Child Sponsorship Project

You can change a child's life!

SPONSORSHIP OF AFRICAN CHILDREN is a remote assistance project.

Kenya does not provide ‘truly’ free education, though every person in the slums understands the value of education. We want to give every child a chance to have a good future and get a minimum required to lead a productive life.

$50 a month will cover child’s school fees, uniforms, exam fees and lunch, which is sometimes the only meal a child gets during the day. For our part, we pay for the child's school for this money (there are paid schools in Kenya) and buy everything for the school: school uniforms, shoes, textbooks, notebooks. And we keep in touch with the sponsor of the child: photo reports, news, letters from children.

We will not be able to save the whole world, but everyone can provide

monthly support for at least one student!

Vlada Sidorchuk

Project Manager "Child Sponsorship"
My name is Vlada and I have been supervising Child Sponsorship Project at Assistance Mission for more than 5 years. From year to year, I see how valuable this ministry is. For the children of Dunga, school is a chance to have a new life, in which there is hot food, proper care and dreams. And for us, it’s an opportunity to serve these people and show Christ’s love and care about them! We want to understand their needs and feelings. We learn from Jesus how to feed the hungry, clothe the needy and help those who do not have such an opportunity to receive a minimal education. To show mercy and care to widows and orphans.
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