Ministry for girls

Meetings with girls from the Dunga slums, where we talk to them about the most important things.

Our mission for this project is to provide tools for self-development and empowerment to teen girls,
the most vulnerable youth group of the local communities we serve. Our vision is the healing process, early pregnancy prevention, realization of your own potentials, personal and leadership skills development to become the next leaders and ambassadors among peers.

This project started a few months ago as a trial. We envisioned this ministry as weekly meetings of a small group of girls in an intimate setting. However, we realized that the need is so great, so we have settled on a number of 25-30 girls. We meet twice a month, our activities vary and include spiritual topics, social and domestic issues, hygiene and sexual education, cooking lessons, arts and crafts, social skills, and personal development. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone would feel comfortable, where the girls could feel safe to share their stories, learn new skills, and begin the process of healing, transformation, and personal development.

This is a much-needed project; it requires not only financial support, but also time, patience, experience, and great sensitivity to girls’ individual needs. We believe that God has already spoken to some hearts, just like He spoke to mine. He already prepared sponsors, partners, and motivational speakers for this ministry. May He bring all us together, and begin the work of healing and transformation of the young girls in Dunga and other local communities.

Nadiia Yozhykova

Leader of Ministry for girls
I have carried this project deep in my heart for some time but was afraid to start anything. However, God has continued to speak to my heart, and I knew that one day we needed to start this work, because the need in girls' ministry was greater than my fears. My motivation for this ministry derives directly from my past. Working with preteens for a while now, I observed among the girls same pattern of self-destructing behaviors as I experienced growing up in the orphanage. Unsanitary living conditions, hostilities, family insecurities, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, sexual abuse, promiscuous behavior, early pregnancy and feeling of helplessness and despair – this is a description of the environment I grew up in. It is also an everyday experience for the girls we serve. I realized that if I am willing to open my heart and trust God in the process, He can use my personal brokenness to heal many broken young lives, and I can use my experiences as a tool to connect and better understand girls.
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