Preteens ministry

– is a ministry aimed at children from 9 to 12 years old. It is a special age that we decided to work with, since Kenyan children of this age start having sex and girls sell their bodies...

God gave us a vision and we want to help teenagers to meet God, see His work, hear His voice and, of
course, develop a healthy lifestyle. We decided to create a safe environment, where teenagers can build
relationships with God, with each other, and with their leaders. We believe in God's movement and
revival through preteens’ ministry!

To be honest, we can’t do this work alone!

We have a strong, HOT, crazy team that loves God and


Natasha Naukva Evtushik
Leader of Preteens Ministry
We really want to serve the children of different age, so every Wednesday about 300 preteens spend an evening with us. At this age, they are very sincere, and we love them very much. Unfortunately, their life is very difficult and they go through a lot of hardship. They are children, but with great sadness in their eyes. Therefore, our preteens’ team wants to make them smile, make friends with them, and help them get to know and make friends with Jesus. Our desire is to know them better and help them in the most difficult situations.
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