New ministry for teenage girls

We’ve been working with teenagers, particularly with girls, for a long time. And we see all the challenges they face - poverty, unsanitary living conditions, hostile local traditions, unfaithfulness, lack of good example in families, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, early pregnancy and feelings of helplessness and despair.
All these leads us to the need to serve girls in a deeper level. We have started a project that is designed to touch them at the level of spirit, soul and body.
Our mission in this ministry is to create a supportive environment for girls, where they will experience the healing process, where their potential will be revealed. We want to create a platform where girls will get useful skills for life. We pray that our efforts will stop early pregnancies and help girls find their destiny in God. Now we are working with 30 girls. Our program includes spiritual edification and joint prayer; lessons on sex education, hygiene, etiquette, cooking and creativity.
We want to create an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable, where girls can open up and share their stories, and we get the opportunity to serve them.
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