Children's Ministry

Children's Church is a ministry for over 500 children aged

from 3 to 8.

Incredible, bright and powerful ministry that attracts children from two Dunga and Nyalenda slums and Kapote village. Every Sunday, children run to church to feel loved and to hear exciting Bible stories. That is how our Children's church is now! Full of movement of the Holy Spirit! During worship, we personally pray for children, for the revival, and for the movement of the Holy Spirit, because there is no other name that could change human nature, way of thinking and hearts!

To be honest, we can’t do this work alone!

We have a strong, HOT, crazy team that loves God

and children!

Masha Davydenko
Children's Ministry Pastor
My name is Masha and I am the leader of Children’s ministry. When I was a child, I invited my non- Christian friends to church. They came, but no one stayed, because they said that it was boring ... I wondered, “What can I do to change it ?” When I grew up, I began to lead CHILDREN'S MINISTRY. I challenged myself , "I want to make Bible lessons so exciting that everyone would run to church and
wouldn’t want to leave."
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