The "Family Dinner" project

Here in Kisumu's slums, family’s and family values are in serious trouble. This project is a step towards changing this situation.

Every week we make a dinner party for four families. Our team lovingly sets up tables, creates a warm cozy environment. The program of the evening includes a delicious dinner and desserts, spiritual instruction, children's prayer for their parents, gifts for families and a family photo shoot. Later, the family receives a photo album with photos. For many of them, this is the first family photo in their lives.

What are we doing this for?

Here in Kisumu's slums, family’s and family values are in serious trouble. This project is a step to change this situation. A opportunity to show and instill correct values. Gather the family at the same table. Create an atmosphere where parents and children can communicate and see how great it is to be with the family!

Nadia (Leader of the "Family Dinner" project) writes:

The inspiration for this project came from my past, from the time I was in boarding school. I was very touched that a mission named AGAPE came to visit us and photograph children. The very idea that someone,
a stranger, prays for orphans personally meant a lot to me. In the "Family Dinner" project, I decided to go a little deeper than just a photo shoot, I wanted to do something meaningful not only for children, but also for the whole family. I thought and prayed for a long time about this project, and one day, during our teams lunch
I saw this project. I saw the whole family together at the table, felt the homely atmosphere, warmth in communication and the joy of spending time together.
I realized that it would not be a photo project, but rather a project about the value of the family. This will be
a time when many families may be able to have dinner together for the first time in their lives, share news, talk about school successes, look into each other's eyes and just spend the evening together. A family photo album for memory will be a pleasant surprise.
Nadiia Yozhykova
Head of the "Family Dinner" project
Visiting local families and working with children, I saw that many families live under the same roof, but never spend time together and do not know the value of the family. Many people don't have a table at all - a place where everyone can get together. Personally, it's very important to me. I grew up in a boarding school, without a family, and therefore
I feel very strongly the lack of family time, the time spent together during a family dinner.
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