"A Bed for a Child" Project

You can change a child's life!
Most of the people we serve in the slums do not have an opportunity to sleep in a bed. Children from the slums describe a bed, a pillow and a warm blanket as a "luxury" that only very wealthy people can afford. They are accustomed to sleeping on mowed grass or a clay floor, covering themselves with a piece of sugar sack. They got used to the fact that rats gnaw their nails at night. They got used to calling the mattress a dream of their life. It should not be like that. We dream of giving every child a bed. We dream that every baby could fall asleep under a warm blanket and get enough sleep!

We invite everyone to participate in the purchasing of a bed for children who dream of it so much!

Vlada Sidorchuk"

Project Manager "A Bed for a Child"
In 2014, I came to Africa for the first time with the idea to change it, but it was Africa that changed my life! Only a year later, I packed my suitcase and moved into a mission base. It’s a place where I am still
learning to be compassionate, long-suffering and to love my neighbor, realizing the fact that I will not change the world, but Jesus will, and I can help at least one person.
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