ART Center

is a social and educational project in Africa (Kenya), aimed at developing children’s creative thinking skills through art. We work with children from poor families with a low standard of

living and lack of a social sphere.

With the help of art classes, we want them to experience real childhood, reveal their potential, show them perspectives for pursuing professions in the sphere of creativity, and introduce them to the multifaceted world. In our class, we want children to be distracted from their problems, and be able to share and express their feelings. We believe that every human being has a limitless creativity, and prove it with amazing works and results of our students.
We teach children such skills as drawing, painting, illustration, modeling, layout, embroidery, theater and others. Our small groups of 20 children have classes 5 days a week, 3 hours each, with a snack break.
Besides, we give fascinating lectures on the history of art, which help children discover many new and
interesting things. At the end of each lesson, we arrange mini-exhibitions of the works of our young
students, discuss all the material covered at the lesson, share our impressions, and answer different

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Anastasiia Chernysheva
The Head of the ART Center
I believe that any kind of creative activity has a healing power and makes a great influence on a person. This is not just a painting on canvas or a ceramic painted vase. Art is a mirror of the soul of the creator, which reflects their joy and pain. It can awaken a variety of emotions, inspire and motivate.
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