Pre-teens day camp

Since we now have two churches, the work is multiplied by two.Now it’s not one camp, but two! During the Christmas holidays we had two camps for pre-teens (children from 8 to 12 years old).
There were about 400 children in our first church. The camp was organized into 6 stations. There was a station with gifts - we gave clothes and some sweets. We also had a trampoline and popcorn station, face painting station, and a cotton candy station. There was a station where children learned the well-known Christmas song - Joy to the world. But a very interesting station is the puppet theater. We showed the children the story of the birth of Jesus with the help of dolls. The children sat quietly and watched the play with Intently. Everything went so well!

Our second church hosted an equally interesting and exciting camp, which brought together 320 children. The program was full of games, competitions, gifts, lunch and of course
a message about our Lord Jesus Christ!
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